2017 Team Updates

Although the 2017 competition has ended, these teams are far from done working on their clean energy innovations. Learn more about what the competitors are doing now:

CrystalE is continuing to work on the refinement of their sensor technology for a specific application at the direction/request of the Electric Power Research Institute.

Gecko Robotics is now working in 14 U.S. states. They are providing services to power plants and other industrials in agribusiness, ethanol producers, and pulp and paper plants. Gecko Robotics has plans to expand to even more applications and industries, like the renewable energy field.

Manta Biofuel moved 10 staff to their first permanent office space. In this indoor location they can develop and manufacture equipment independent of weather condition. Read more in MDBiz News.

MPEL-EVtech is finalizing product development, customer discovery and advanced automotive testing with their current partnership, Genovation Cars, Inc.

RoBotany expects to complete a 2,000 square-foot, 25-foot tall Version 2 farm with a full processing line this summer, followed by the launch of a 20,000 square foot farm that will produce over 2,000 pounds per day.

SatData is still in the customer discovery phase, and they are defining their business.

Teratonix is working on prototype demonstration, exploring possible applications to build a go-to-market end-to-end ioT solution for Walmart or Shell. They are forming a new C-Corp to continue the energy harvesting business under the new entity.

D-PowerNet is doing a pilot with CMU Dining Services and hopes to conduct a pilot with UPMC in the near future. The company is applying to participate in a national I-Corps Program.